House Of Blessing Bilingual Church

Administrative Team

Greeter & Usher

Let us humble ourselves and to commit our lives to God. Also, we use this attitude to serve our brothers and sisters in the church. Guide everyone who comes to the church toward God. We want to be a church that let people feels like home.


Through simultaneous Chinese-English or English-Chinese interpreting, text translation or video translation on Sundays, you can become the voice of the kingdom of God.Let’s reach and bless more brothers and sisters. If you are passionate about translation and want to serve God through translation, you are very welcome to join us!

Worship Team

Worship Team

  • Vision
    To help people cultivate a life in God’s presence, awed by His majesty and glory and transformed by His love.
  • Mission
    To facilitate the worship of God through the arts so that people may best encounter God and be transformed by Him.
  • Core Values
    • Love: We value the transformative power of God’s love as the foundation and best expression in worship ministry. Our ministry effectiveness depends on how we love God and the people of the church. (Luke 10:27; 1 Corinthians 12, 13)
    • Intimacy: We value personal intimacy with God as all our service in the church are outflows of the deep connection we receive and cultivate from God every day. (John 15:1-17)
    • Growth: We value continual growth and change in order to become more and more like Christ each day. We commit to growing spiritually and technically so that we can better serve God and His people with excellence. (Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 4:22-24; 5:1-2)

For our Bilingual Service team, we are looking for Christians who are committed to growing in Christlikeness as well as in musical craft. We understand that everyone on the team, whether song leader, vocalist, or instrumentalist, is a worship leader and has a great responsibility and privilege to demonstrate a lifestyle of worship. We are looking for those who have passion, calling, and giftedness in worship ministry, and offer confirmation and direction towards available ministry roles that would be a good fit.

Media Art Team


With the advent of the new media era, we try to use more diversified ways to let brothers and sisters in the church to have these resources online. We also believe that the influence of new media can enable more friends who cannot visit the church in person. People can come and listen to God’s words at any time and anywhere. If you have the talents of video editing, production and editing skill, you are very welcome to join us!

Graphic design

We aspire to be a bridge between people and God. We try to visualize everything we want to convey. Combining social media will allow brothers and sisters to quickly obtain information from graphic design. If you have the talent in this area, welcome to share God’s wonderful images and visions with us!

Live streaming

Effectively utilizing the video broadcasting system to best bring the live worship experience and God encounter to peopleeverywhere.

Visual presentation(PPT, ProPresenter)

Effectively utilizing visual projection elements (text, images and video) so that people can deeply engage in worship live and online without distraction.


Effectively utilizing the audio system to create an immersive worship environment so that people can deeply connect with God both live and online.

Stage Setup & Breakdown

Prepare for service’s stage and become the best supporter of the equipment required by the worship team on the stage, so that the worship ministry can be carried out efficiently.

Sunday School Helper

Sunday school Helper

Through the teaching of biblical truth and the design of experience activities, we help children build up a good character in joy, learn to love God and love others, and know that they are children beloved by God and exist to bless the world.


Service setup and preparation

Every Sunday before and after the service, there are many unsung heroes who set up for church: rows of chairs, tables, coffee preparations. Those are important parts of a service or event that are often not noticed. If you are willing to join us, we very welcome you!

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