Momentum camp


我們將會一起玩遊戲,學習神的話語! 費用包含餐費及活動材料費,我們一共有4個營隊,你可以只來一天,或是參加四天!
An announcement from our friends at SYME:
The long-awaited Life Path Summer Camp will be held in June 😍. We welcome students from the second grade to the third grade of high school to participate! The camp will be held every Saturday in June from 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
We will play games and study God’s words together! The fee includes meals and activity materials. We have a total of 4 camps. You can come for only one day, or participate for four days!
Our activities include land games, singing, skits, teaching time, and more! These activities will involve practicing English with American missionary teachers!