Puli’s Clubhouse Volunteers and Donate needed


The goal of the Clubhouse was to be a safe and friendly environment where people could come and play board games and enjoy American style foods. Through the relationships built at the café we share our lives and our love for Jesus with the customers.

Puli Clubhouse Summer Camp needs your donations and participation! We need 3 energetic foreign teachers!

More information 詳細資訊:https://www.awakentaiwansouls.org


日期 Date|7/24-28(7/23說明會)July 24-28 (Orientation:7/23)
時間 Time|8:30AM-16:00PM
地點 Location|埔里溪南國小 Xinan elementary School
聯絡人 Contact|嚴心琳 Maggie Wenzel: maggie854@hotmail.com