HOB T-shirt form

蒙福之家雙語教會T-shirt 購買登記表

This order form is to purchase a HOB t-shirt for $300 NT each. Please fill out 1 form per t-shirt. Make sure that you put your name and then choose a size and color. You can use the size chart below to choose the size for you. Please bring the money for your t-shirts to church on 10/29 or 11/5. We will place the order on November 7 (11/7) , and if the money has not been turned in by this time then we will not order your t-shirt.
HOB T-shirt每件$300
請填寫這個登記表登記購買。每一件 T-shirt請填寫一份表格,填寫時請確認您輸入正確的姓名、尺寸和顏色。您可以參考尺寸表來選擇適合您的尺寸。並請在10/29 或 11/5 將購買 T-shirt的費用帶來教會,我們將統一在11 月 7 日下訂單,如果未在之前繳交費用,訂購將不成立。