【 English Café at HOB 】

English Cafe attracts people for friendly and relaxed English conversations. We will start from April 10. We are going to have: 1. Small group discussion. 2. English and Bible lesson. 3. Perfect opportunity to invite friends. Come and join us!
📣Age limit: 17 years old and up.
English Café 讓人可以輕鬆自在地用英文對話。我們將從4月10號開始。我們將會有1.小組討論、2.英文與聖經課程、3.完美地邀請朋友的機會,一起加入我們吧!
📣限17 歲以上的成人參加
日期 Date|Starting 2023.04.10 Every Monday 每週一
時間 Time|7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
地點 Location|Sanctuary 大堂